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Autumn 1

Autumn 1: Marellous Me


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will get to know each other and make good relationships with both children and adults. We will gain confidence by trying new activities and experiences and say when we need help.


Physical Development: We will learn to wash our hands, manage our personal needs and practice getting our coats on and off. We will manage our personal space successfully and change position and direction as necessary.


Communication and Language: We will listen in the classroom and outdoors to others one to one or in small groups. We will be focusing on developing our vocabulary and celebrating new words.


Understanding the World: We will talk about life before school and life in school. We will talk about our hobbies and interests. We will talk with our families to discover why we are called our chosen names.


Expressive Arts and Design: We will make self-portraits using different media. We will explore what happens when we mix colours and explore combining different media.


Literacy: Our main text will be ‘Elmer’ and we will be celebrating our differences and what we have in common. We will be beginning ‘Talk for Writing activities’ and daily we will have stories, songs, rhymes and phonics. We will make marks which include recognisable letters and write names and words of personal significance.


Mathematics: We will build strong foundations by singing lots of number songs and playing dice and number track games. We will count up to 20, recognise numerals and find the matching quantity. We will continue simple patterns, using objects, sounds, actions, shapes and colours. We will use real life maths throughout the day and in our learning areas.


We have P.E on Friday mornings. We will start to use P.E kits in January.


We will begin sending reading books home on Monday the 24th. Please return your child’s book bag every Monday morning to be changed.